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SBS’ ‘Strong Heart‘ might be canceled after a 3-year-3-month run. Reports are saying that the show’s producer Park Sang Hyuk is recording his last episode on the 17th and will leave the show to study abroad. It’s also been confirmed that current co-host Lee Dong Wook, and possibly Shin Dong Yup, will be leaving the show. With these new developments, there are rumors floating around that the talk show has been canceled all together. An insider from SBS commented, “It looks like ‘Strong Heart’ will be canceled. Though there are negotiations going on for a relaunch, considering that the follow-up program has nearly been confirmed, it’s likely that it’ll get canceled.” Lee Dong Wook’s camp commented, “After recent talks about the show’s relaunch, the final decision has been made [for Lee Dong Wook to leave 'Strong Heart']. He’ll be returning to his work as an actor.” There are no confirmed details about what program will likely take over the show’s time slot, and it’s undecided whether ‘Strong Heart’ will move on with its relaunch or whether it will be canceled permanently. Are you sad to hear that the show might go off-air?
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