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I have to admit that I don't know much about the facts pertaining to the Bill Cosby case, but I know what I've heard.
People have a hard time letting go of things. They become accustomed to certain images of those who appear in the media, and attachment grows to madness. There is a sick desperation in America to see everything as we think it is, and Bill Cosby is no different. People don't see a rapist, they see Bill Huxtable, a charming, bumbling moron with a wife who was always smarter than him and a set of kids that were too precocious for their own good. He was a TV Dad, not unlike Danny Tanner from Full House and provided a look into an African-American household like never before. There is a tried and true American denial of the Bill Cosby case. We never want to believe that those we trust are in fact dark shadows of that trust. People don't lose faith without a fight. They don't lose their idols either. I mean damn...he wore sweaters, talked about pudding and loved his family. Everyone fucking loved him. The simple fact, however; is that Cosby is not Huxtable. He is a fiend, a monster, an animal rummaging around in garbage, looking for people and things to ruin. He is a walking pariah. I'm surprised he even stands on two legs. Pardon to the actual animals I've offended with the comparison. I doubt that any four legged creature is capable of such vicious and amoral behavior.
The way society stigmatizes and victimizes people who have been assaulted or rape is playing into Cosby's hand, his slimy, slithering, lizard-like hand. Critics and people who have their heads tucked firmly in their hind-quarters will say, "Why didn't they come out after it happened!? They know the law, they know the statutes." Those people do not understand the magnitude and deep torment experienced by those who have encountered unwarranted sexual misconduct. No matter how far we've come to accepting one another, and the battles of one another, admitting what these women have so bravely admitted, would likely kill some. Could you openly admit to a nation, a world that dear old Bill Huxstable drugged and victimized you knowing that millions are watching his garbage on TV? Could you sleep, knowing that Nick At Night is plastering his face across the country? Put yourself in their shoes and try to expose the horror. You wouldn't be able to. Unspeakable acts of disgusting misconduct happened to too many women. 35 of them appeared on the cover of New York magazine. And they bravely tell their stories, but I'll let you read that for yourself.
Only in America would it be possible to commit these heinous crimes to over 30 people and have no course of action attempted. Only in America would it be a "statute of limitations" and other bureaucratic nonsense keeping justice out of the hands of nearly a college class full of women. The death of the American dream is sailing into port, and Cosby might as well be the captain of the ship.
There must be more action taken to protect those who have come in contact with monsters and jackals like Cosby. To even begin to speak about the horrors and injustices regarding female treatment across the globe would take years. It's a cold-blooded bummer that I am not prepared to write today. Frankly, I'm not qualified to speak on their behalf because I am a white, American woman with my own set of privileges and hardships. All I know is that it's wrong. We need to fix this, but the solutions have been debated and tried over centuries. Progress has been made, but I'm not sure I have the answer to you? Is there a way to combat the forces of old and evil and make equality a real thing? Can we bring justice to these survivors and give them the piece of mind that Cosby is firmly behind bars for the rest of his life? According to the law, we can't. But we can shed light on what's happening and bring the injustice to everyone's minds.
Status and fame should not dictate what is considered right and wrong, unjust or just, punishable by law. The plight of a defense of a Bill Cosby type is as follows: He's on TV and he was a good guy for a while, rose out of the projects, overcame adversity, so yeah...he's off the hook. This is a decadent and depraved sensibility that America has adopted over the years. People were shocked that OJ was a murderer, and he still got off scot-fucking-free. If your neighbor or an acquaintance drugged and assaulted over 30 people you knew, you'd think he was a depraved lunatic right? A fiend? A scourge? A blemish to society? You'd want to string him up in stocks at the center of town and publicly shame him...right? You'd want justice right?
Popular opinion is just that. Cosby is a menace. However, there are some people who think good Mr. Huxtable is innocent. In fact, I saw some cretin on the train this morning with a "Free Cosby" T-Shirt on. Only it didn't make sense...because the fucker is free. This sent me into a spiral of rage, which you are reading right now.
If you're holding your phone or tablet in your hot little hands and are reading this hate-laden gibberish, you now know, if you had any doubts that Cosby is a predator.

He is not Mr. Huxtable, he never was. He's not a good guy, he just played one on TV, and we have to hold him responsible.

Shout out to @LizArnone for bringing this to consciousness yesterday, read her piece here.
YESSSSSS THIS IS ACTUALLY PERFECT!! any whoever has a free cosby shirt deserved to be locked up. but seriously i love all of your points and especially your focus on victims and how none of this is their fault, including not coming forward for years!! Women need to band together to support one another, not tare each other down! that is the first step and i think we are in the process of that right now. solidarity is everything!
@LizArnone exactly! And thank you, it's all about exposing these people for what they are. And he's disgusting.
This is such a thoughtful piece! It's really hard dealing with the aftermath of discoveries like this. And you're right. Just because he played a beloved character on tv doesn't mean he should be forgiven for hurting so many people in such a cruel, awful way.