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My first time trying this method! Lotta body mousse worked great on my hair and its fast drying so i did my hair at like 7:30 pm and took it out at 7 am and its completely dry! The curls will drop soon, so it will look even better as i did not want to tease my roots. i used the pink rods for the front and the peach for the rest. Hope you like it!
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I love this idea!
@GeGe21 I love your hair. I am not familiar with the difference between pink and orange rods. Could you tell me? Also, are you wearing makeup in the picture because it almost looks like you don't and yet you look so pretty and made up. So pretty!
Thank you! well the rods are sized differently depending on color if u want tight curls u can use the small pink ones I used them in the front because I did not want my hair hanging over my eyes their are smaller ones though. I am wearing makeup when I put on makeup I like to look natural and every once in a while i add some eyeliner and lipstick. @DaniaChicago
Well I love your look here. Thanks for sharing. Maybe on your next cute hairstyle, show a step-by-step process or pictures. I am so visual. Thanks @gege21