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My first time trying this method! Lotta body mousse worked great on my hair and its fast drying so i did my hair at like 7:30 pm and took it out at 7 am and its completely dry! The curls will drop soon, so it will look even better as i did not want to tease my roots. i used the pink rods for the front and the peach for the rest. Hope you like it!
thank you I actually saw it on someone with short hair and i loved it She had like a tapered cut i wore a scarf and it took me about 40 min @alywoah
Well I love your look here. Thanks for sharing. Maybe on your next cute hairstyle, show a step-by-step process or pictures. I am so visual. Thanks @gege21
Thank you! well the rods are sized differently depending on color if u want tight curls u can use the small pink ones I used them in the front because I did not want my hair hanging over my eyes their are smaller ones though. I am wearing makeup when I put on makeup I like to look natural and every once in a while i add some eyeliner and lipstick. @DaniaChicago
I love this idea!
Yes I will 馃榿@alywoah
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