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BTS Rap Monster under death threat AGAIN via Twitter
they might cancel everything and just go back to Korea.... THIS IS WHY IDOL NEVER HAVE TOURS IN AMERICA!!!!
be strong bae <3
that girl is asian.....but that hand is black GTFOH STOP PLAYING!!!
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*grr* people are just...ugh smh
2 years ago·Reply
how can someone be this cruel and rude and horrifying that they would.post something like this
2 years ago·Reply
can we chill like damn people are.crazy
2 years ago·Reply
It's just like are you serious!! They just ruin it for the others!! Why death threats?? They do nothing wrong!! T-T poor Rap Monster!!
2 years ago·Reply
freaky! people should not make these threats to others but if they do (as she did) i do hope they get the help they need :(
2 years ago·Reply