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Permanent (adj.) - lasting or intended to last or remain unchanged indefinitely.

It's become a trend that a lot of couples are trying their hand at these days -- yes, I'm talking about matching tattoos. The idea of getting something permanent on your body when you have no idea whether you're relationship status will be permanent can be a bit messy, but it's all about living in the moment -- or not.
As much as we try not to love the idea of two people in love getting tattoos to signify their undying love for one another, we can't help but love it. It's trendy, it's quirky and it's adventurous. I mean who doesn't enjoy the idea of doing something random and adventurous with their significant other? Whether the relationship lasts or not -- these matching tattoo ideas will make you want to run to the tattoo shop with your lover. Love hurts, but tattoos hurt more -- you can take it.

Cupid Shot Me

You Finish All My Sentences

You Have The Key To My Heart

You Hold A Piece Of My Heart

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Would you get a matching tattoo with your significant other?

I def agree @nicolejb ! I think that's the best one. simplicity at it's best. @onesmile and I agree, that's one of the major reasons why i don't think I would ever do it. it's a win/lose situation.
ever since I knew a girl that jumped the gun and got a couple tattoo WAY too early in a relationship and then later ended up having to get a much larger kind of not super awesome tattoo to cover it, i've been nervous about this idea!!!
I like the little heart one because it’s small and only complete when the two are together. it’s like an inside joke tattoo or something.
I'm not too sure about matching tattoos tbh. I've talked about it a little with my girlfriend, and we've joked about ideas, but I think we're both too put off by the idea. though I really love that heart finger tattoo one. really clever.
Aww :) these are really sweet. I don't have any tattoos and probably will never get one (although that's just based on personal preference, and I totally dig them on other people). but if you are going to get one, this is a pretty great way to do it :)
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