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No one will ever know. Well, until they get the hankering for edamame.
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@danidee My mom just said, "I guess we can't have peas tonight.." Hahaha Now that I look back on it though, I think she knew and wanted me and my younger sister to find out about it lol
@CallmeEunni LOL Your mom sounds like an extremely clever lady.
@danidee Lol trust me, we can't hide anything from her Hahah Another story was when me and my sisters were younger and my older sister burned a ramen in the microwave because she forgot to put water in it and she cleaned it up real well but then my mom comes back home and the first thing she says is, "what did you girls burn?" And she followed the "scent of burning" and it led her to the microwave and she was like "who did this??" That was the last time my sister made ramen that way hahaha
@CallMeEunni Omg, hhahaha I would have been so scared. At least it was just ramen!
I know right lol (≧∇≦)