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i noticed that there were some people again threatening BTS and i thought i would show my support ... sometimes i dont understand people and im ashamed of what some can do regardless of it being meant as fun or not is still bad.. those guys never did anything wrong they just found the strenght like some other to go and pursue their dreams they practiced and trained hard to achieve what they wanted and now they will recieve not just hate but threats.... i would understand if people simply said they dont like their music because you cant appeal to everyone that is just impossible i dont like country and folk music too or tom cruise but i dont threaten anyone just because my preferences in art or music are different from what they do ... i just wish that those boys will be fine and will have lots of that admirable strenght to go on and do what they love :) i admire them and many others for it because i myself want to go after my dreams too and i find people like this inspiring :) SHARE LOVE N NOT HATE :)
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