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He sleeps in the funniest positions and pretty much on anything. He's a love bug and a sweetheart!
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@danidee oh I wouldn't care. Mornings are the ONLY time I'm extroverted! I will tell you to F-off, what the hell are you looking at, shut up, blah blah blah. I'm not a morning person at all!
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@jlee37 Ever since I was working at Starbucks, I feel like I've sort of forced myself to be super chipper in the morning. I used to moan and groan about it, and now I'm like GOOD MORNING!! :D
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@danidee I was happy in the morning ONE time. I couldn't sleep so I got up. The sun was just starting to rise, so went outside to watch it. It was so beautiful and I remember just sitting there smiling. It was so quiet and peaceful.
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I had a day like that once! I randomly woke up really really early and couldn't go back to bed, so I ended up taking the extra time to play music and make a big breakfast (I live alone lol). It was awesome and I remember getting to work feeling super refreshed UNTIL I got really sleepy in the middle of the day. :|
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@danidee The middle of the day crash. Ugh!
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