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Yup. I've been counting down for awhile...
I feel like I've been counting down for a bajillion days for KCON to come. Just kidding...but it does feel like an eternity. (cue VIXX) This mini chalkboard has been hanging on my door, and I've been counting down the days....And I did write what you see above. I'm pretty proud of it. Lol. (*^ω^) Anyways... ONLY 10 MORE DAYS TO SEE:
OMGJAIEENFHSJSNSNAIAK! I'm SOOOO exciteddddd. This will probably be the longest wait EVERRRRRR. (≧◡≦)
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Excuse me while I go sob over there :'( Hope you have fun :))
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nice chalk art
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@lamrotamrot I'm sorry...I wish everyone could go.. :( @shjej5835 Thanks! I usually suck at drawing on chalkboard so I'm pretty proud of it. Haha. xD
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