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Yesterday I promised that I would respond to my OTP fic prompt, and I'm going to hold myself to that! I'm choosing #5: "We're both trying to quit smoking and we keep ending up out here at the same time." And I picked Draco x Harry. They're probably the ship I've had the longest. @poojas demanded Stucky but I'll have to do that next time!

Week 1:


Week 2:

"Ugh. Not again."
Draco smirked. "It's *my* spot."
Harry groaned. "It's everyone's spot! It's the only spot outside the Ministry where- never mind."
He spun on his heel and left.

Week 3:

Harry sighed. The cigarette felt good. Just a regular Muggle brand, nothing too strong. But the tobacco taste on his tongue felt so right. The smoke rose above his head as it dissipated.
"It's the only place where your friends can't see you."
Harry banged the back of his head on the brick wall, startled. Draco chuckled to himself, lighting his own cigarette. Harry glared.
"It's none of your business Malfoy."
The other man shrugged.
"It's why I picked this spot too." The thin flame at the end of his wand flickered in the breeze, leaving the cigarette unlit and Draco scowling. Sighing, Harry cupped it for him, waiting until the cigarette was lit.
"Cheers," Draco sad, smoke leaking out of his mouth.
Harry snorted.
"You're welcome."
Draco shrugged. They smoked in silence for a moment. Finally, Harry crushed the butt of his cigarette, disappearing it with a wave of his wand.
"See you Malfoy."
The other man waved, looking disinterested.

Week 3 and 1/2:

"Again Potter?"
Harry shrugged.
"It's been a rough week."
Draco raised an eyebrow. "Has it?"
Harry groaned.
"Do you care?"
Draco tapped away some ashes.
"Not particularly. But the smokers' code of honor demands I put up a facade."
Harry snorted.
"The smokers' code of honor?"
"Sure." Draco grinned. "We agree to never share our identity as fellow smokers. Offer a light when needed. And never pass judgement for anyone who hops back on the wagon after quitting."
Harry nodded.
"Fair enough."
"So." Draco leaned against the wall. "Rough week."
Harry took a deep breath.
"I've got a pile of paperwork sitting on my desk that's halfway to the ceiling..."

Week 4:

Harry had a box of patches sitting in the drawer of his desk, but he found himself reaching for the cigarettes instead.

Week 5:

"I only picked up the habit to spite my father." Draco snarled. "He was right about one thing. It's disgusting. But I can't bring myself to quit."
Harry nodded.
"Every time I try, I get grouchy and miserable. And the headaches-"
"Exactly like school," Draco cut in, but not rudely. Harry fought the smile forming on his lips.
"Well." He took another puff. "Not exactly like school. Fewer people trying to kill me now. That's an improvement."

Week 6:

He smiled.
Draco glared.
"What are those?"
Harry hoisted the bottles.
"Muggle beer. We're celebrating."
Draco eyed him.
"Celebrating what?"
Harry shrugged.
"We haven't killed each other yet."
Draco paused.
"Fair enough."
Moments later: "Potter, what is this swill! It tastes vile."
Harry shrugged.
"I got the one with the most interesting label. It says it's pumpkin-flavored."
Draco swore.
"It's not. Ugh. Muggles." He glanced at Harry. "I'll have to show you real spirits some time. Wizard alcohol is far better."
Harry shrugged.
"I've got to plans tomorrow night."
I hope you enjoyed my submission to the challenge everyone! And special thanks to @VinMcCarthy for being the first one to answer it! I'm looking forward to what everyone else writes!
@shannonl5 I am still struggling to pick a OTP T.T #fangirlproblems
@shannonl5 yeah that's why I started shipping Sunday XD
@shannonl5 I'm not sure yet, I lIke Jongkey or Todae if I go Kpop or a bts ship... IDK I have to many XD
@VixenVivi yes I look forward to it! Do you know what OTP you'll pick?
@shannonl5 Yes but after I finish my workbook for my new job but soon!
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