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Sometimes living situations in college can TOTALLY BLOW. Like honestly, you are living in the perfect house with your best friends, except one person that just brings you down and makes you so miserable and passive aggressive you find it hard to even look in her direction anymore.
Not that I know from experience or anything....
Moving on...sometimes its awkward when you have to pay nice with someone you would rather never, ever see again. But never fear! You may be stuck with Lucifers bastard child constantly criticizing every single breath you take for an entire year, but their are ways to survive.
1. Keep Yourself Busy
Its college, who wants to spend it in their house? Join clubs, teams and go out as much as you can (drinking will make it easier to pass her room before yours). Staying out of your house will set you up for new friends and experiences! This means you won't have to completely rely on your besties to go out with because you know she will be with them.
2. Sleep at your other friends house
You got other friends so be with them! Maybe its your team mates or baes house, either way, sleep there when you want! The best part about college is the never ending sleepovers! So party it up while you still can, even if that party just involves some nail painting, movies and wine with the girls.
3. Just don't fuck with her
So you tried the whole avoiding, living college life to the fullest, tactic and she still won't get off your case. If you want to be up front, just tell her you don't like her. It can't make it any more awkward, at least on your side because who knows, sometimes assholes are delusional and think that you like when they criticize you and make fun of you all the time.
But if you're still down to rock the more passive aggressive avoidance route, just stop giving into her constant criticisms. You are having fun and that is making her jealous. Keep enjoying your time, go out and don't invite her. After all its not your job to make sure she's having fun. And on the days you wanna just have a lazy, relaxing day, keep your door shut and veg out.
When it comes to living with friends open communication is the way to go @alywoah! (because you don’t want to lose a friend and a roommate). but I’ve also lived with people that aren’t my friends and if it’s not worth the arguing, I’ll do all of these steps @LizArnone! perfect for my non-confrontational personality.
After living with different kinds of roommates for ten years, you sorta figure out that it's like a relationship. And if you want to live in a happy environment, it's important to talk things out. I'd say that doesn't always work, though. Seriously, the best roommates are the ones who are never home. lol.
Yeah even living with people you like can be hard! I always had sleep issues so I'd get mad when people would be really loud at night, but that's college. You just have to keep yourself busy, that's the best point on this list! Great card.
@alywoah hahaha what a perfect way to say it!! I guess i was the perfect roommate because i legit WAS NEVER HOME