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Because I am a foodie, it's only right to celebrate basically every made-up food holiday on the calendar!

Happy National Chicken Wing Day!

Do you prefer chicken wing flats or drums? I personally like the drums because it has more meat on it. But a girl likes to eat, and I'll eat anything chicken.
Also I would like to mention this: Korean chicken gave me a spiritual foodie awakening. It's so crispy, juicy, and perfect. It's double fried and my god, anything fried is amazing. You can also get these bad boys spicy -- and it burns so good.
Here's an easy baked chicken recipe from @stargaze HERE!

Yas gurrlll you tell them!

Uh @danidee. Explain exactly what that is pretty please :D
it's all about the way the meat slides through the middle of the bone lol i can't even explain man. it's a flat thang shawtyyyyy.
I've heard a lot of people who love the flats more than the drums, and I just don't get it! Lol @jordanhamilton
when I did eat meat I was always down with the flattttttttssssss!
I love Korean chicken! My favorite is called yangnyum chicken. It's so goodddd.
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