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As far as I'm concerned, Sandy Alderson is off the hook.

After a few really rough years of him promising Mets fans that a deal would come, only to have nothing happen, Alderson seems to have noticed something about this season that Mets fans have been preaching since May:
This team actually has a chance. And with a few extra pieces, that chance is legit.
First things first:

Refusing to trade the aces of the staff was the best decision Sandy has made in years.

These three arms - plus the injured Steven Matz and Zach Wheeler (Wheeler actually has been the subject of some rumors, but I don't believe he'll be dealt) are the future of this franchise. They are the fail-safe.
Even if the rentals of Juan Uribe, Kelly Johnson and Tyler Clippard don't spur the Mets to a super season, these pitchers guys are going to be around for all of next season, at least.
Imagine: something goes wrong this August. The team falls apart for whatever reason. Uribe, Johnson and Clippard go their separate ways. No harm done; the Mets can reload next season, with all the faith that the starters can get them to a similar point at the All Star break: on the brink, a few pieces away.

The staff carried the team through the first half of this year - they can do it again next, if need be. And they might even be better.

Reliever Tyler Clippard is a machine. He is a crucial acquisition, especially with the news that Jennry Mejia is suspended for another 162 games after failing another drug test - but more on that in a card to follow. Clippard will play a huge role, acting as a set-up man for now, and being more than capable of sliding into the closer spot should Familia's poor start to the second half continue.
And to get Clippard, the former All Star, for a Single A pitching prospect? That is a STEAL.

The trade with the Braves to get Juan Uribe and Kelly Johnson for two Double-A pitchers was another huge move. Uribe, frankly, could be the best hitter on the team, just like that. He's exactly the guy I wanted, and he's already come up big once in his few days as a Met, delivering a walk-off hit over the weekend.
Kelly Johnson is another veteran bat, and a great utility man to have on the bench. He can play 3B, SS or 2B, and if he isn't in the lineup he is a danger looming on the pine.
My brother said it best, after seeing the Clippard trade:

"How does Sandy keep doing this? It I weren't a Mets fan all of his trades would make me a conspiracy theorist."

And he's right. The Mets have acquired three legitimate players for next to nothing - or, as the baseball saying goes, for a bag of baseballs. Peanuts. Chump change.
Just think about it: the Clippard trade is huge because of the Mejia fall-out. But by acquiring Uribe and Johnson, and with Travis d'Arnaud set to return to the team this weekend, the Mets' bench goes from the Double-A level group of John Mayberry Jr., Danny Muno, Anthony Recker and Kirk Niewenhuis to the suddenly legit haul of Niewenhuis (who is playing OK, actually), Johnson, Kevin Plawecki and Wilmer Flores (both relegated to the bench with d'Arnaud and Uribe sliding in).

With a rotation like the Mets', this is a ball club built for August, and beyond.

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