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Trying to come up with a love song in Spanish? All you need is one semester of Spanish, and you're golden. Google translator helps, and so does

But you might also want to bring an authentic, Latin-inspired meal that you can pick up from any hole-in-the-wall Latin food place. This will help your loved one forget how sh*tty your Spanish is, and how your accent is subpar.
But, just remember that you tried. And that's very important. :)
the worst was i had just learned desayuno was breakfast so i was at the table with my daughter and father in law and decided to use my new word. i said quiero comer desnudo and everybody just looked at me like i was crazy.
LOL "No remembro how to say 11..."
you know this is bad (but oh sogood ) when i can understand every word of it hahahaha
@danidee @alywoah @jeff4122 OMG i swear when i met my wife this was all i knew of Spanish hahaha i used it all up in like 5 minutes!! ah the memories lol
@buddyesd @alywoah If I could caption this song, it would say "Gringos be like..."
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