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They were amazing, I love them. This was my 2nd time seeing them... By far my favorite Korean band... True talent.
poor planing -_- so upset about that haha.
jealous too
so jealous
I'll show you what I mean... cnblue is fuzzy because of how far they we're look when I changed positions how close girls generation was
You know what made me mad... So Kcon is a 2 day thing and cnblue was on the 2nd day and the 1st day I was up in the seats and I noticed not that many people we're in this area when they we're on the floor and so I was like OK to be closer I have to go there... and so I did BUT they we're all closer to the other side making the side I was on worse >_< which I didn't reolize until after they we're finished and I was going to the bathroom