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It's truly incredible. Walk the streets of Paris, and you'll see more well-dressed people on one sidewalk than in an entire American city. Even the guys are on trend.
That's what shocked me most of all when I lived in France – the men are fashionable too! They take genuine care of their appearance, and choose clothing that is both chic and flattering. Simply put, they take more chances than American men when getting dressed.
I'm used to American boys, who worry that they'll be perceived as flamboyant or girly if they seem to be too invested in their physical appearance, or if they wear clothes that are too trendy. Over here, guys stick to bed head and the classic jeans-and-a-tee combo. But the French – oh la la!
When you want to tell your French acquaintance (or friend, or lover – hehe) that you appreciate their country's flawless sense of style, say:

Les français sont si bien habillés!

The French are so well dressed!

Let's break it down!

Les français = The French
sont = are (from the verb être = to be)
si = so (as in very)
bien habillé = well-dressed


Les français: "lay fran-SAY"
sont: The t is silent, and the 'on' is nasal, pronounced like "own" – except you stop before you've completely pronounced the n.
si: "see"
bien habillé: Bien is pronounced like bee-yen (but condensed into one syllable). As for habillé, the h is silent, and so it sounds like this: "ah-bee-yay." The two L's, as you probably know, sound like a y. And e with an upward accent (called an "accent aigu"), é, sounds like "ay."
French learners, hope you guys enjoy this one! :D
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Thank YOU @jordanhamilton! :D If you learn a phrase or two everyday, pretty sure you'll learn the whole language :)
Love this!!! and thank you so much for tagging me. It's a huge dream of mine to visit someday. I love their accents and their sense of fashion -- not sure which one I love more. I appreciate you breaking down the pronunciation. Perfect!! :)
if you continue with these cards, I'm sure you will make that possible for me!! :)