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In 2008, Michel Gondry wrote/directed Be Kind Rewind. The plot of Be Kind Rewind follows two video store employees (a video store is a place where one would go to rent ((this means pay to borrow)) a physical copy of a movie) who accidentally erase all of the VHS tapes (a VHS tape is what us old people used to watch movies on before DVDs), so they decide to reshoot all of the movies themselves.
With that short (not really short at all) history lesson out of the way, the sweding of movies became a "thing" on the Internet. And the Ant-Man trailer is the latest thing to get sweded that actually caught my attention.
To be honest with you, I wasn't expecting to enjoy this at all. After everyone on YouTube tried to swede their favorite movies, I got tired of seeing some of my favorites get destroyed by people I've never met. And when I started watching this trailer, I figured I'd sit through it and laugh and feel a little embarrassed having wasted a couple minutes on it.
But I had the exact opposite reaction. There's something heartwarming about everything in the trailer, from the silly acting, to the toys standing in for the CGI, and the sort-of homemade version of Paul Rudd. And, you know, it made me want to see the whole movie this way -- even though that would probably take forever to make.
You can watch a side-by-side comparison of the sweded trailer and the real thing here.
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@shannonl5 yea we both liked it when he sucker punches Thor in the first avengers movie
soo much better than the actual trailer!!
@buddyesd yeah that's such a good moment ^_^ @CarmenMRey it really is!!! Have you seen the movie yet?
@shannonl5 no i havent im going this weekend. cant wait! :)
@CarmenMRey let me know what you think! Or make a card about it! I want to talk to people about it but none of my RL friends have seen it yet T_T