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Jane Birkin made headlines today as she asked for her name to be removed from the illustrious and decadent luxury handbag. She claims that she does not want to be associated with the bag anymore because of the cruel treatment of Crocodiles used to make the damn thing.
These bags are infamous for being outrageously expensive, so here are 10 things you could buy with the money you'd spend on a Hermes Birkin. The little Ostrich sucker above boasts a 100,000 dollar price tag.
Here are some big ticket items you could buy instead of a damn purse.

1. A House in the Midwest

You can get a pretty decent sized house in the Midwest for 150, 000. That's like...where you live, or you can have a handbag.

2. A Gaggle of Komondor Dogs

The mop-dogs go for around 800 from a pure breeder. Their grooming alone costs nearly 10K per year and food...well, that'll run you another five or six thousand. These dogs are hilarious and absolutely ridiculously priced, but you can have 100 of them for the price of a Birkin.

3. A Bad-ass Car

You can have a basic Lamborghini or decked out Mercedes for the price of the top Birkin. I'd much rather be riding in style, then have a seriously expensive place to hold all of my cheap shit.

4. A Subway Franchise

You could literally own your own subway restaurant. Have artistically made sandwiches any time you like, and shove them in your old handbag because you're a restaurant owner. Opening a franchise only costs 15, 000 dollars to obtain.

5. You could eat the most expensive burger in New York every day for a year.

"Le Burger Extravagant" sold at Serendipity in New York costs 295 dollars. For the price of a Birkin you can eat it every single day for a year. How's that for your lunch break?
I would much rather have a subways lol
Miami is expensive too. I know you can find a house that cheap in the more quiet/rural? areas of Florida. I think my cousin bought a house for around that price in central Florida.
the hell with hand bags! I want my burger XP!!
YOU CAN BUY A HOUSE FOR $150,000?! Damn, San Diego is pricy as hell.
@TessStevens oh right XP the diet ;p you know, if you really want to change your lifestyle you really don't need much ^-^ once in a wile you can eat junk food but if you eat like a salad every meal and drink water or smothies and eat normal meals even if like once in a week you eat all healthy food like boiled vegies and fish its already the best diet ;))
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