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A new AD came out for Hype Energy Drink. I usually don't write on celebs, but I am an advertisement nerd. After watching this video, I am not sure if Hype Energy Drink is trying to sell energy drinks, clothing, or Kim Kardashians cleavage.
However, there is something I do want to buy from this video, and it's not the energy drink.
I totally want to find out where I can get Kim K's outfit, and who made them. Because they sure as hell are awesome. And my god -- those black shoes at the end. I want them!
A positive thing about this video: I do like how crisp, clear, and colorful this advertisement video is.

Fail or Success of an AD? You tell me.

I'm so confused??? Like, you're right why on earth were there so many long shots of her boobs??? Like what am I supposed to take away from this about the product?? It exists??? I guess. I feel like I barely even remember the name. All I care about his how all these random versions of Kim exist in the same universe.
Hahahaha nice one @shannonl5 (high five!)
@nicolejb yeah! Like, I almost wanted there to be a plot for a video this long. Like is she a secret agent or a pop star... or does she just need this energy drink to get through an ad this long?
Same, but I was pretty bored. if it was a fashion commercial, this would make sense. but for an energy drink? I want something to pump me up! @alywoah
it is pretty long. im not sure on what platform this will be released on (internet or tv) @nicolejb
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