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OK, so not real bacon, but the actual flavor (which is all we care about) has been discovered in a red cabbage look alike sea weed found along the coast of the Atlantic and Pacific. Usually used in its dried out form for extra flavoring in Europe, scientists in Oregon State University have discovered that if you fry the seaweed it tastes exactly like bacon!
The scientists at work with Gods Gift to the health nuts of the world are already developing a method for farming the soon to be precious goods. They are already growing around 30 pounds a week and have plans to increase that number exponentially. The scientists have also hired world class chefs to start experimenting with the seaweed as flavoring for different types of dishes.
The Bacon Seaweed is two times as healthy as kale and Oregon State is already trying to figure out ways to market their ever increasing crops to vegans, vegetarians and hipsters alike.
All I can say is, once this healthy bacon hits the market, that shit will be more expensive (and sought after) then pure cocaine. If you don't believe me check out this video, which explains just how much we love bacon, and just how bad it is for you.
All Hail The Healthy Bacon.
How do you know how much pure cocaine costs?!
@danidee oh you know....friend of a friend.... lol jk i watch a lot of drug documentaries on netflix
Oh! I actually wrote about this about 2 weeks ago! But you've provided more info- thanks! I definitely want to try this fake bacon, tho
I... I want it.
I so hope this lives up to the hype 馃構
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