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A tale of the bullpen:

Tyler Clippard in, Jenrry Mejia out. Like, way out.
For the first 80 games of the season, former closer Jenrry Mejia was suspended for PED use. He claimed he had no idea how the drug got into his body, but didn't appeal the suspension. So, like, he took steroids, and he knew it. And he got caught.
The suspension meant that even if the Mets made the playoffs, Mejia would not be eligible to pitch, meaning a move had to be made, even though it seemed like the Mets had a pretty good bullpen working at the moment with Mejia, Bobby Parnell and Jeurys Familia.
So they went out to get Tyler Clippard, who can be absolute rock at the back end of the bullpen. He's a guy with loads of experience and a great arsenal of pitches.
And then, the news came out yesterday -- AFTER the Clippard deal was already done -- that Mejia had been suspended again, this time for 162 games, for repeated use of PEDs.

What a fool.

Oh, yeah - this time, Mejia had no statement. At all. He fades quietly into the depths of the suspension list, into the twilight of his once-promising career, without saying a word. Because he's guilty of cheating, and he knows it.
Mejia is a really, really good pitcher. And he was a good Met. But now, nobody trusts him. Michael Cuddyer was asked how he felt about Mejia, and when the reporter said, "How do you feel about the mistake Mejia made?" Cuddyer answerd saying, "This wasn't a mistake. This was a choice."

And Cuddyer is right. Mejia made a choice to take steroids not once but twice, and now, no one - much less the Mets, who have been burned twice, now - will be interested in his talent again.

He'll be out until this time next year, but he will be off the Mets' hands before then, for sure. The team has lost faith and trust in their former closer, and for good reason. He's a guy that people like, but he is no longer a part of the Mets family.
Not that Clippard minds. Now, he's the set-up man. It's too early to trust Parnell, as he's only a few games into his recovery from Tommy John. And should Familia continue to struggle - he's blown 2 saves in 2 tries since the All Star break - Clippard can be a great closer too.

But beyond that, Clippard knows what it means to be in a pennant race.

He's a former National, too. But it doesn't look like he holds too many ties to the Nationals. Check out what he said the other day:
"The Mets, here, are right in the mix. And it's going to be a lot of fun chasing down my old teammates there in Washington. There's a lot of incentive there for me on a personal level and on a professional level to get the job done here in New York."

That's a guy I want on my team.

With you all the way. Amazing luck, too, to have managed to keep the Mejia news quiet before locking down Clippard - had the news gotten out, everyone would've known the Mets were desperate and the asking price would've skyrocketed
sad to hear abour Mejia, but Clippard is a game changer. I have watched him play alot, and this guy is a rock. He can be a great set up man or closer. Great grab by the Mets