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It seems like a lot of people on Vingle are using more traditional mediums for their art. And that's awesome! I'm truly in awe of everyone's talents. I thought I'd share this tutorial for Krita that I've found useful. If anyone's interested in exploring digital art, Krita is a great program to start with. It's totally free, for starters. It's got a lot of great filters and applications, and you can use it on either a Mac, Linux, or a PC!
This tutorial was written by white-heron on Deviantart, and I'm very grateful to them for sharing!
First they walk you through the basic modes of the program.
Then some more about the colors and mechanics of Krita.
The tips are really helpful too! Most programs don't offer flexibility like this, so Krita is really good for people who are just starting out and don't have a lot of fancy equipment to work with.
There's also an overview of the brushes. The pixel brushes give you some really cool options to work with in terms of texture and shape.
Or you can go the more traditional route with your brushes. The tutorial gives you an overview of how to control the brushes, but experimenting with the program will probably give you a better idea of how you'd want to use it. I did mention it's free, right? :D
You can also use layers, a perspective grid, and a composition dock that saves the visibility of your layers.

Here's a dancing Kermit!

I hope this tutorial is helpful for you! I look forward to seeing all of your new artistic endeavors ^_^
@MYAlpha @AkiraCondy glad to help! Yeah let me know if you check it out! I hope it's useful to you both ^_^
Thank you for the compliment, and thank you again for tagging me in this I was actually looking for a program like this. I'll make sure to check it out and post about my experience with it :D
I do digital art using a program called sai, I just don't have time to do any. ha-ha, but this program looks really cool I might check it out! thanks.
@AkiraCondry @nechtiBates @MyAlpha do you think any of you would use a program like this? I love your art so much!