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Get ready to say awwwwww. Obviously when you watch TV you get attached to some of the human characters, but what about the animals? Pets play a pretty big role in tons of TV shows, developing their own personalities. Usually they're adorable, loyal and comforting characters, unless they can talk of course, then they can sometimes be a little snarky. Either way, we learn to love them and they're totally essential to the show.

Vincent from Lost

Vincent is the ultimate companion throughout Lost, trading owners several times, but always remaining a comforting presence. Did anyone else notice that he was always around right before something bad happened?? No idea what the Lost writers meant by that, but for the most part I always thought Vincent was a loyal and friendly addition to the hostile and dramatic island.

Gary from Spongebob

The ocean's equivalent of a cat, Gary is quiet and reserved compared to his ridiculous owner. He's got his own library and is obviously supposed to be really smart (for a sea snail), playing the voice of reason while Spongebob does weird stuff like wear his underwear on his head.

Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch

The sassiest cat on TV, Salem could definitely have achieved his dream of world domination. Full of wit and hilarious puns, Salem brought a little dark charm to this show that I always liked. Plus he was totally motivated by food, so I could always relate to him a little.

Brian Griffin from Family Guy

What's not to love about a dog with a bit of a drinking problem? Honestly, he's a bit more cultured than the humans on this show with liberal political beliefs and an intense love of jazz. Despite his attempt to avoid being a pet, he's a dog at heart, never able to avoid a game of fetch and always totally terrified of the vacuum cleaner.

Comet from Full House

Did you guys know that this is also the dog from Air Bud?!? They're my two favorite famous golden retrievers, so I should have known they were the same dog. Comet was such a loyal dog and his relationship with Michelle was so adorable because what's cuter than a dog and a toddler?? The episode where he gets lost for a day would probably still make me cry.
i know @alywoah salem and comet especially :)
this brings back so many happy memories for tv!!