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April Ludgate may be the sassiest, snarkiest character on Parks & Recreation, in a perpetually bad mood, and definitely not someone who would call herself fashionable. Despite all of this, she wears some pretty cute outfits on the show (the above is her preppy woodsy outfit and I'm not buying that she doesn't care how it looks!). I'm rounding up her best looks to remind you how to dress like you don't care and still look put together.
In the beginning of the show, she's true to her character in hoodies and faux-grunge plaid and denim.
Of course, we all know that plaid can be pretty fashionable, and she looked pretty good in checks, denim, and flannel button-ups, especially with her sleek and straight hair. As the show went on, and April became a little more high up in the office, she developed a professional look and wore plenty of outfits that you wouldn't pair with her grumpy persona.
Like when she looked super professional but also kept it cute in subtly mixed prints.
What could look like a stuffy button-down is updated with subtly fashionable details, like horizontal pinstripes on the pocket and a purple stripe that goes so will with her dotted skirt. If this is April's most boring office look, I'm more than okay with it.
And when she was aware of the trends but not over-the-top in this miniskirt.
Despite April's character being decidedly grungy and dark, her style is quite preppy. She loves a good cardigan, ditching the hoodies of her earlier season days for a polished open cardigan.
And showing her (almost) softer side in a cool but not cutesy floral print.
As Donna's maid of honor, April looks sleek and fashionable in a body-conscious floral dress. The black and white print is modern and cool, not sweet and girly, but then again, it is a floral. Once again, she goes for the surprisingly preppy chic.
Wearing a pretty adorable sweater despite her surly personality.
April sure stocks her wardrobe full of adorable sweaters and blouses, two things you wouldn't think her snarky character would like.
Going totally against her character in a heart-print blouse.
Does upside-down heart mean that you aren't all that happy about love? Seriously though, half the time, April's wearing an adorably preppy blouse with either a sweet print or a cute contrasting collar...
Some of the time, she's just a faux grungy chic, but she still looks cool.
April is one of those characters whose fashion sense is understated and also underrated.

Who are your favorite understatedly chic TV characters?

this is great! I like how you highlighted her growth as a character through the way she's dressed in the show, not something I would have noticed at first glance.
April is awesome. I love her fashion because it's so approachable and relaxed. It's nicely put together, while looking effortless.
Insert an obligatory 'YASSSS QUEENNNN' here. April is my spirit animal, and I feel like we have super similar tastes. Comfortable is before anything else.
@alywoah I agree, sometimes the characters are unrealistically fashionable on TV, wearing things no one would think to put together unless they were that kind of person. April's style is way more attainable and real.
It's true that most girls with April's personality probably wouldn't dress like she does, but I don't care :) I love her style! Great card idea