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RapMon issues

I think it's about time I make a post about the Rap Mon death threats by now. So here's what I have to say about it.
First, these threats may be real, but I'm more than positive nothing would have amounted from them. Concerts have good security (usually; I'm not sure about in Mexico) but it's not as if things are going to go unchecked. Second, even if it was more than likely this wouldn't happen, I still think it's the better option to cancel the concert. While many will be upset, they will be able to thank the one person who initially sent out the threats. Next, Rap Mon is very intelligent. I'm sure he knows how to handle a situation like this; even if it's not in his power to cancel the concert or not, his voice won't go unheard. The person making these threats is immature. I don't see a need (in any situation for that matter) in this situation to threaten the wellbeing of any person. My gut feeling is that it is a sense of insecurity and inaccuracy. The first meaning that this person has no other mode of expression than anger, which doubled with the inability, then possibility to see one of her favorite bands, is a combination for disaster in anyone slightly unstable. (I claim BTS is one of their favorite bands because they need some reason to initiate this hate. [I wouldn't even want to call it hate, I would consider it a confused psychosis]) i.e. Inaccuracies with how to control various emotions. Next, people typically don't help the situation. They help the people worrying about the situation. Jamming a whole lot of pathos and CAPITAL LETTERS into an argument makes it less of an argument and more of a plea. Which is what I've seen. Other people are the ones reading those, not BTS. Thank you for sharing your opinion with us. That's the point of social media typically. (That's not sarcasm, opinions are helpful to people who are struggling with how to feel about a situation.
Lastly (I think), who would want to hurt this face?! Even if it's a real threat, I don't think the person could follow through because of the guilt and ya know... The... The prison...
P.S. Every time I write something, I feel like I lost connection from the beginning to the end, and that I didn't make my points clear. I hope you understand the 6 points I was trying to make.
In my opinion, they aren't mad about the whole issue with him, cuz that's already old news but if not they are playing around. One time is pretty serious, now that it's more than one person, it's obvious that it's a joke. You can sense the sarcasm in their posts which makes it more unbelievable. Since I noticed some that posted the threats were Mexicans, I can already hear them laughing behind the screen. Some Mexicans teens find bad stuff like this funny and go and joke around and just sit there watching us freak out. I'm pretty sure none of them are going to the concert. Since Mexico has poor security, I'm hoping they take good care of our boys.
Not only does he have security,he has fan girls who will protect him
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