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I will be 100% honest. Not my favorite, I felt like the hype is huge with this one and it let me down. Park Shin Hye freaking is the luckiest woman alive to have so many dramas, and jobs with the hottest guys... Even those you would never expect her to even know (Like Japanese stars) But this drama isn't her best in my opinion.
This isn't Park Shin Hye? That's Yoon Eun Hye
OMG well now I feel dumb haha they look so alike! -_- I'm embarrassed haha
@charmander21 haha It's okay :) and they do look similar
I am re-watching this one right now bc I really love it! I was very impressed with how they dealt with the whole homosexuality issue even though it wasn't really a gay relationship. The fact that he was ok with it when he thought it was really impressed me.