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We always focus on our physical health. The best foods to put in our bodies (with cheat days obviously), strict work out regimes, and skin care products up the ass. But what about our brains? Physical fitness can only go so far, and when your mind starts to frazzle, everything we do just doesn't seem quite right.
When this happens you need a brain detox. For 24 hours you need to purge your mind of everything and anything that is making you stress, freak out, nervous, lazy and overall impacting your ability to lead the happy and healthy life you want.

Write down everything you hate about your friends

Sounds super mean and crazy right? But trust me, its actually not. Usually when we start getting nit-picky and angry at the people we love the most we are projecting our own problems onto them. Maybe you start resenting your friend because you think she just goes out to find boyfriends, but soon you realize you are actually feeling alone and wish that you to could find someone to love.
Just try it. If it doesn't work it might help you end negative relationships with "friends". Either way its a win win.

Go for a drive

Basic but a classic. Sometimes you just need to go for a long drive and rock out to the music that you love at the volume you want. Even if you only drive around the neighborhood, a few miles to the next town, or to your favorite ice cream place, this will make you feel in complete control. Like you can just go forever and no one can stop you but yourself.


Sometimes the mind needs an extended break. Running away for a bit might be the perfect medicine. Your problems will still be there when you get back, but after experiencing all new places, people and cultures your mind will be able to tackle the issues with a newfound perspective.

Stay off social media for 24 hours

These days, nothing wears and tears the mind more then the countless social medias that we need to keep up with. Worrying about why you aren't in the picture your friend captioned "best friends" is stupid and a waste of time. If you don't take a break from technology, you will start believing that what happens on line is actually real life.
Shut the phone off for a much needed "you day".

Make a change in your appearance

If your mind is going in ever single direction, so make it focus! Cut your hair, dye it a crazy color, get something you always wanted pierced. A slight (or drastic) change in your appearance will make you feel like you just pushed a restart button. Whole new you, whole new (way more refreshed) brain.

Read something for yourself

Just because you are going through a brain detox doesn't mean you have to let your brain cells die. Pick up the book you have been dying to finish but could never find the time. Exercising your brain by doing something you enjoy is the best way to totally detox.

Allow yourself to feel negative (for only a day)

So you're burnt out, pissed off, and just plain sad. Everyone needs a break from the real world so don't be ashamed! Take a personal day and just give into your feelings. Stay in bed and have some hot coco (or wine) to make you feel better. Giving into the emotions will be the best way to work through them and ultimately get over them.
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