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Lmao I've had this conversation with my best friend before and the response was pretty interesting. I told her that my parents completely absurb my obsession lmao they are even into it (obviously not like how I am ... that would be a bit scary ) but my mom has watched kdramas, anime, and kpop videos with me countless times before (⌒▽⌒)& my dad watches animes (he constantly recommends ones for me to watch) and old.. (I'M mean SUPER) old Asian films lol even my siblings are like what song is this? or what is this drama about (as soon as they see the screen they know what it is... (´ヮ`))
*her reaction * lolololol she was like this when I said my parents but siblings wasn't a huge thing (tends to rub off lmao )
For example, yesterday, I was watching RealGOT7 in the living room and my brother and my mom just sat there watching ( ̄∀ ̄).... & she knows just how much I love Jackson so she asked me which one he was and all the members lol & at the end she was like wooow Jackson is HOT & I literally broke out "NOW YOU UNDERSTAND MY DILEMMA HERE! & WHY I HAVE TO MEET THEM ONE DAY!" (☆∀☆) out of all the members she likes JB, JR, & Jackson (lol the J's) & my brother couldn't stop laughing (n˘v˘•)
I gave them a huge hug because everyone needs some by them that accepts everything around them without ridiculing it (so if you ever feel lonely or not accepted... uhm the Vingle community is right here!!! I'M sure if you ever need someone to talk to you can find them on here!) & don't take people's hurtful words hard.. just throw it back in their face and call it a day \(^O^)/ so comment how your family is about your cultural obsessions!? *I would like to mention that if you haven't already read @kpopandkimchi 's recent card please do! * ☆\(^ω^\)
other people are just haters lmao ( ^∇^) @AimeeH that's great! lol I don't think they have much choice because we are going to like it either way ヽ(^0^)ノ @jiggzy19 you shouldn't hide the fact that you like kpop or kdramas or anything for that matter. just be embrace that fact that the stuff you like is cooler than theirs... ( • ̀ω•́ )✧ @CandaceJordan At least it's your choice not to talk about it (which is totally cool too because it's what you prefer c: ) ... but it just sucks that some people feel oppressed by the pressure of other people and just don't talk about it because they are scared of the reaction. in all honesty, I even had a stage where I wouldn't talk about it but I got over it rather quickly because I thought "why should I have to hide the things that I like and make me Happy for the other persons convenience " so now I JUST DON'T CARE (〜^∇^)〜 @BluBear07
I got my mom into kpop. I was doing homework one day and she left her spotify open. Lo and behold Exo, Super Junior, Bigbang and BTS was on her playlist. I smiled and made mention I brought her to the sunny dark side and all she could do was laugh. My bestfriend/sister is amazed by how many of the groups I can call by the names of the members. Anyone else makes fun of me for liking KPop. I don't normally mind being picked on, but it sucks when you have noone near that likes the same things as you.
my parents and my sister think im the weirdest person ever but my nieces my brother and his gf/my bestfrind are into almost everything I am in to. so its not to bad. I just recently introduced them to bigbang and they absolutely loved them. \^-^/ so im really grateful for them.
ohh well at least you accepts your music preferences! ●ω● @PamelaPenaloza
Hahah this card is awesome!!! My mom loveeesss kdrama and she's just like me when it comes to drama! She loves park shin ho (me too!!), the male lead from love rain (I forgot his name) and lee min ho!!!! She's really cool about it... My dad is not really into it but he has never judge me... My lil brother is starting to like bts (he's fav is rap monster) and got7... Even my aunt loves kdrama!!! (She actually got the premium on dramafever and she gave her account which is awesome!!!) and of course my best friend is completely obsessed like me!
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