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Lmao I've had this conversation with my best friend before and the response was pretty interesting. I told her that my parents completely absurb my obsession lmao they are even into it (obviously not like how I am ... that would be a bit scary ) but my mom has watched kdramas, anime, and kpop videos with me countless times before (⌒▽⌒)& my dad watches animes (he constantly recommends ones for me to watch) and old.. (I'M mean SUPER) old Asian films lol even my siblings are like what song is this? or what is this drama about (as soon as they see the screen they know what it is... (´ヮ`))
*her reaction * lolololol she was like this when I said my parents but siblings wasn't a huge thing (tends to rub off lmao )
For example, yesterday, I was watching RealGOT7 in the living room and my brother and my mom just sat there watching ( ̄∀ ̄).... & she knows just how much I love Jackson so she asked me which one he was and all the members lol & at the end she was like wooow Jackson is HOT & I literally broke out "NOW YOU UNDERSTAND MY DILEMMA HERE! & WHY I HAVE TO MEET THEM ONE DAY!" (☆∀☆) out of all the members she likes JB, JR, & Jackson (lol the J's) & my brother couldn't stop laughing (n˘v˘•)
I gave them a huge hug because everyone needs some by them that accepts everything around them without ridiculing it (so if you ever feel lonely or not accepted... uhm the Vingle community is right here!!! I'M sure if you ever need someone to talk to you can find them on here!) & don't take people's hurtful words hard.. just throw it back in their face and call it a day \(^O^)/ so comment how your family is about your cultural obsessions!? *I would like to mention that if you haven't already read @kpopandkimchi 's recent card please do! * ☆\(^ω^\)
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As long as we don't go to Korea Town again I don't think the parents mind 😂 I like Korea Town! My brother like K-Pop as well but it's a casual like *how I don't even know!* and My sister can't remember name FOR SHIZ! So she thinks it's weird. What ever shes not my sister anymore 😂
my parents think I'm crazy but they think its way better than me getting a real bf hahaha. but my mom is also into kdramas and sometimes she gets super crazy about the actors like Lee Minho and Ji Changwook its so funny. they aren't against my obsession though. they just like to make fun of me. my sister is also in love with kpop but she isn't as obsessed as I am with all the merch and albums. I just really appreciate the fact that I have someone to spaz about kpop to and they'll understand me xD
Omg I would love to have a family like yours!!! My family all doesn't understand y I love Kpop 😢😢😂❤️ and I've explained it over and over again but they still dislike it and think I'm weird lmao
ahahaha as a Korean American I swear my mom knows more kpop names than I do I really just know beast I'm obsessed with them so I barely know other idols but my mom knows everything it's just like wait how do you know that better than me!!
my mom always wants me to 'do something more' with my love of anime and such but other than that odesn't really care haha