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Man, stock images are terrible.
Anyway, we're back again here with the latest and greatest flash fiction writing prompt! Woohoo! There's been a consistently great response level from people, so I'm pretty pumped about this new one. It's gonna require that you have an understanding of how conflict drives stories, so it you need a refresher, check out this other card about it.
This week I'm gonna change it up, by providing options! Yeah buddy, mixing it up over here. Get psyched.
Anyway, here they are:

1.) It's fashion week in Milan. You're running your first runway and things are going smoothly, right up until the show's about to start.

2.) There's something this person has strived their whole life to accomplish, and just as they try to really begin, they are stopped by some other force.

So pick one of these prompts and write up a flash fic! For this week, I'm gonna put a limit of 500 words. Should give you some room to play with.
Now go forth, writers, and do your creative jam!

Can I do this too???
@danidee nooooo!!!! Let me play a happy instrument for you ^^ @VinMcCarthy if I can find the time in my over cluttered schedule for this I will definitely do this :)
wait a minute. what's with the patch of beard missing in the guy's face.
#2 reads like my life story. Insert sad trombone.
I like it, creative! :-)
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