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Jane Birkin has been in the news recently with the fact that she doesn't want her name to be attached with her iconic (and insanely expensive) bags because of the cruel treatment of crocodiles used in the making of the bags. I'm going to go ahead and say that if you are killing the crocodiles to make bags, there isn't a whole lot more cruel you can get. But anyway, Birkin bags are incredibly popular in the celebrity world.
(If you want to see what things you could buy instead of a Birkin bag, which cost about $100,000, check out @TessStevens card.)
Victoria Beckham loves her Birkin bags and has been rocking them for as long as she has been in the celebrity world, which has been an incredibly long time. I wonder how many of these bags she has.
Kristin Cavalleri smiles as she carries her incredibly expensive accessory. She looks so comfortable with the fact that she is carrying a bag that cost more than many people's houses.
Kim Kardashian West rocks a hand-painted Birkin bag. Not only did she spend thousands on this bag, but then she got it hand-painted, which I'm sure was not cheap at all.
Apparently, it runs in the family. Kim Kardashian West and Kris Jenner both carry the expensive Birkin bags. Again, I wonder how many of these bags Kim and Kris own.
And it's still running in the family. Kourtney Kardashian carries a bright orange Birkin bag that conveniently matches her colorful shirt.
Keep them coming. Khloe Kardashian carries a Birkin bag that has a creative and unique design painted on it (Khlo Money based on the Monopoly game).
Lady Gaga carries a Birkin bag with Japanese lettering that it looks like she drew on herself considering she is holding what looks to be a permanent marker.
Miranda Kerr takes the classic bag approach to her accessorizing with a black Birkin bag to match her outfit.

The only way to afford a Birkin bag...