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It looks like the fascination that the United States has with Steve Jobs is at an all time high. If two movies weren't enough, (one of which you can watch on Netflix and the other has yet to be released) a documentary is also coming out that chronicles Jobs' life through interviews with his colleagues.
Honestly, I'm more interested in seeing this documentary than the movie that's coming out this fall. While the narrative film, penned by Aaron Sorkin, is something that I'll still watch, I like the idea of getting the real story from the people that knew/worked with Steve Jobs himself.
Just through the trailer, I can already see that the people are having honest and candid conversations about who Jobs was as a person even if they say negative things about him. I'm excited to actually learn who he was as a person without the embellishment of Hollywood getting in the way.
Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine comes out on September 4th, 2015.