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5 Albums Every Twenty-Something Must Listen To
Here's another Music Music Music post, this time it's essential albums for twenty-somethings. In this decade, we fuck up all ot and although we're not as angry as our teenage-selves we've still got a lot to figure out. Here are 5 albums that will serve you in your twenties.
These bands and albums can provide some comfort and even help you reflect on the things you're not feeling sure about. Listen to these guys front to back when you're feeling especially down or lost. You're not alone.
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1. Radiohead / OK Computer

This album is widely regarded as one of Radiohead's most solid efforts, and a major departure. The band nails confusion on the head with this record and exposes a lot of the insecurities we feel early in our professional and adult lives. Plus, Radiohead is just good songwriting.
Twenty-Something Essential Track: "No Surprises" a desperate song with melancholy undertones that'll be the perfect soundtrack to your commute home.
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2. The Blinding / Babyshambles

Ok, this isn't an album, it's an EP but literally every song has to do with issues of having no money, trying to find your place, and accepting who you are. It's poetry, and the songs range greatly in musical style, from ragga to straight up punk. It's a quick listen too.
Twenty-Something Essential Track: "I Wish" a song about having no money and being on the verge of giving up.
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3. Green Day / Nimrod

Everyone knows Dookie and American Idiot, but this middle child of the Green Day discography has some hidden gems on it. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) is the mega-hit, but this album is full of growing pains. 1997 was a period of transition for the band, and I'm sure it'll provide you with some comfort during your twenty-something transitions.
Essential Twenty-Something Track: Prosthetic Head, about returning to high school or your hometown and feeling completely horrible about it.
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4. The Killers / Sam's Town

This is a record full of appreciation for being a little screwed up. It straddles the line between total cluelessness and absolute desperation. Sam's Town is a record that can evoke 100 different kind of emotions and I'm sure you'll take the roller-coaster ride.
Essential Twenty-Something Track: "This River is Wild", a fantastic track about embracing change and the wild times that can happen.
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5. The Replacements / Let It Be

Among the punk and alternative community, this album is as classic as the Beatles song of the same name. Paul Westerberg is a song-writing legend and strings together some of the best Replacements tracks on this fantastic record. It's just the right amount of uplifting and realistic, which makes it a great listen to twenty-somethings of all kinds.
Essential Twenty-Something Track: "Answering Machine", an ode to forgotten love that nails the fear of missing out.
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@tessStevens hope you like some of them. You should also check the previous bands i recommend. They are very good.
@TessStevens all the bands that @DulceZelaya mentioned are great, but I'd also like to add The JJY Band, or Jung Joon Young Band. They only have one album, and JJY has solo albums as well that are good. He has a Brandon Flowers vibe to me if that's something you like.
Oooo this is a great card idea. I might make my own version! :D And now I'd deffinitely going to check out these albums. Thanks @TessStevens!! :D
@allischaaff yes please make one! I love seeing others' musical tastes and the bands that touch their lives :)