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Ever wondered what TOP's day is like? Time to find out!

Wake up utterly confused about time and location.

Let's be real. He probably falls asleep in fancy art gallery chairs.

Make sure to look and feel fabulous.

You can't just have bed hair when you're TOP.

Work out using telekinetic powers.

That poor goat. What did it ever do to TOP?

Do a photoshoot or two.

I mean he looks flawless. Gotta show-off his handsomeness to the world.

Record music and MVs at YG.

And grace us with his beautiful voice and dance moves.

Meet and greet with fans.

Gotta do the fanservice.

Address the haters on Instagram.

Can't let anyone bash him or Big Bang!

Check out new fancy furniture and art.

So that's how his obsessions with chairs began?

Hangout with friends.

And bother them with his supposed aegyo.

Party it up with Big Bang.

Gotta end the night with homies!

Try to escape to the moon.

He would totally try it. Let's not even deny it.

Fail, give up and go to sleep.

Probably on one of his hundred fancy chairs.
Hope you guys enjoyed this! ^_^
Any other funny/interesting parts of TOP's day that I missed?