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When it rains, it pours; just as Funkmaster Flex.

This past week has been hell on earth for Flex. The Funkmaster made it his business to step into the Meek Mill and Drake drama, dropping a supposed reference track for Drake’s “10 Bands,” after Meek called him out for ghostwriting.
After Drake dropped his “Charged Up,” diss track against Meek Mill, Flex step up again, promising to premiere Meek’s response track. The hip-hop world was glued into Hot 97 for five hours yesterday, but the track never came.

A disgruntled fan was upset to the point in which they created a petition to remove Flex from the air.

The blurb from the fan oozed with rage over the false promise delivered by Flex.
“Despite constant critiques from everywhere for the old man to step down, and give the younger people a shot he decided to stay where he was.” said the fan. “Last year Dame Dash was at the forefront of the movement saying that Funk Flex really needs to just leave. Well, today was the last straw. This fraud of a DJ decided to lie to everyone for ratings and downloads of the Hot 97 app that Meek Mill would be on tonight to release a diss track to Drake to no avail. No one has given Hot 97 two hours of listening time since Biggie was alive, and it’s a crime to have taken that from us. The people have spoken and it is time for Funk Flex to step down. “
At the moment, the petition has 9,400 signatures from enraged fans across the globe. The target mark of signatures the creator aimed for was 10,000.
I wonder is Hot 97 will step up and make a statement about this. I doubt this is a grab for ratings, (flex has one of the highest rated shows in hip-hop) but Flex owes it to his fans to address this matter. If the Funkmaster doesn’t speak up, he may lose the respect of listeners across the globe.

Maybe it’s time for a change.