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Hi guys! this is a little "book" I'm writing in my blog - http://blankpagefound.blogspot.pt/?m=1 -, go check it out if you want, and i decided to start posting here to. hope you like it!

Episode One

Common Intruducting to the Self
    The room looked white and colorless, and the light coming from the open window blinded my eyes, making everything come dim. I blinked a few times to focus my vision on the shape that slid the curtains, and my mother appeared. Her smile was joined by the shape of her face and then gradually everything gained shape and color. She kisses my forehead, "Good, you're awake... Your father and I are waiting for you in the kitchen for breakfast. Don't take too long honey!", she says with her smile fading while she walks to the kitchen and closes the door behind her. I sigh and get of the bed. As soon as my naked feets touch the cold floor I shiver, and try to obligate my eyes to accept the light.
      While I'm seated on the bed, the landscape that I can absorb from the window in front overwhelms me. Is the typical scenery that makes you believe that it will be a good day. I stand up. I drag myself to the mirror and check my face. My eyes are half-open, my skin is white as usual, and the color of my lips is washed-out from the sleep. I form an ironic smile on them as I look at my sick appearance thinking about the way my father would react if he saw me this way. "Luna, you look like a zombie... Didn't I always told you that our image is the first thing other people see on us? If it is the most important for them, it should be the most important for you too.". I grin looking down, imagining him saying that, with his voice full of self-pride and his eyes concentrated on the paper he's reading, without even giving me the satisfaction of looking to me one more time. My hands close into fists and a vein gets protruding.I close my eyes and calm my-self down. Although there's not much anger to feel bout it, my face gain colour just by thinking about it... His over-pride in the most shallow things makes me realize how different me and my father are. Either way, this kind of characteristics of him really get into my nerves. After a quick shower and my bed made, I walk towards the door and hold my hand on the knob for a seconds and breath in my last minutes of peace and quiet of the day.    "Open the door and leave".
we want more! we want more! we want more! love the visuals. perfect! and I love the name luna.
Nice piece. The internal dialogue is really nice.
ahah for sure ^-^
most definitely!!! keep em' coming :)
it's so awsome to hear that ^-^ thats great! hope i keep catching your attention and you keep enjoying my writing :))
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