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To Sleep Under Such a Sky
Photographer: Alex Noriega [http://www.alexnoriegaphotography.com/] His camp on eastern Oregon's Alvord desert playa, under the Milky Way. *This is absolutely stunning. I would really love to do this some time.
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doesnt look real huh?
5 years ago·Reply
As far as I know, it should be a real sky. He probably set up his camera for a really long exposure. I wouldn't mind sleeping under that kind of sky. I like camping!
5 years ago·Reply
i've never camped before! i want to do do overnight camp, that's my goal this year >_<
5 years ago·Reply
i would have not regret in life if i can witness such a scene
5 years ago·Reply
No way! Well, then you should have a really awesome experience then. I really do enjoy camping. It's a lot of fun and you really get time to just talk and hang out with the people you're camping with. I hope you get to do it!
5 years ago·Reply