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Well, today in cute news. A young boy at a campaign in New Hampshire decided to ask Hillary Clinton a very important question. It went something like this:
“What do you think is the most important thing in life? Like out of all the things in life...such as healthcare, uhmm, education, and all that stuff.”
Her response:
What a perfect pageant answer Hillary Clinton. Now let’s give the presidential candidate a crown and a round of applause.
Watch the full video of cuteness and AWWWW:
Even important politicians need to remember the most important parts of life, right? And let us all take the time to remember the important things... like love. And cute little kids.
Cool card! I love Hillary, she is my favorite candidate for sure. Is she can keep the economy moving forward like Bill did, she will be great for the country
She really did go through a lot with the economy (especially with the recession). And I think she definitely has a lot of experience...but I’m still waiting to decide if she’s my favorite candidate. there are so many! @christianmordi