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This is hard to watch...

Cara Delevigne and Good Day Sacramento did not get a long too well. The interview starts off unsteady as one of the anchors introduces Cara as "Carla" but both sides brush it off without any hesitation. The Sacramento anchors ask some bland questions where Cara responds in British sarcasm that doesn't translate very well to the American anchors. Though the anchors try to brush it off, Cara looks agitated, causing the anchors to harshly criticize her demeanor. It gets tense between both parties when Cara cuts off line and then the anchors make sarcastic jokes in disapproval of how she acted. Both sides made mistakes but fans are siding with each side. Below are the teams and their thoughts :

Everyone is very torn on who's at fault in this interview.

Team Cara - It was utterly unprofessional that not only did the anchors point out her behavior but also criticized it after her video had been cut. The anchor called Cara "Carla" to start off the interview but discreetly corrected it. Cara is British with British humor and was not trying to be rude, her remarks were simply sarcastic. She was undermined in how she prepared for the movie by being asked obvious and stupid questions. Cara was simply being herself and they obviously didn't understand her sarcasm. We still love her.
Team Sacramento - Cara was blatantly rude and sarcastic from the start. Not only did she have a scowl on her face the entire time, but she looked very uninterested. Could have been from a grumpy attitude or being possibly hungover. American media is known for asking really generic and frivolous questions to keep information dumbed down for the audience. Cara should have refrained from sarcasm since Americans frequently don't find it amusing. She was not sincere, could not take anything lightly, and her tone of voice was a dead giveaway that she was not invested in the interview. She's an entitled brat.
My Opinion - I'm definitely Team Sacramento. Cara seemed on edge from the start and her attempted jokes fell flat. The Sacramento team was being very stereotypically American and friendly, I never felt once that they were attacking Cara on purpose. I did find it very odd that they called her out on live television which definitely took the interview for the worse. And I don't think they should have aired their opinion after they cut her feed, however I agreed with what they were saying. If Cara wants to succeed in the United States, she better learn to adapt to our culture and fake it if she has to. Also, if you watch other interviews with Cara, she seems MUCH MORE pleasant than she did in her interview with Good Day Sacramento.

WHO DO YOU THINK was at wrong?

honestly, I don't think I've seen such a level of unprofessionalism from a news team before as in this interview. Cara was answering the questions posited to her in a professional, if slightly sarcastic, manner. The news team were the first ones to lash out, saying she must be exhausted or irritated. Honestly, she didn't seem that way, though who could blame her for them asking such frivolous questions as "did you bother to read the book that your character comes from" I mean, it's a farce and representative of the nonsensical way broadcast journalists conduct themselves on air anymore. and the whole "she makes 5 million for six weeks of work" thing is such baffling arrogance coming from a daytime tv personality. just a sheer lack of tact, respect, and sensibility. awful.
Cara was just a jerk there. she was rudly blunt to the anchors. I mean, she even left the interview somewhat unexpectedly. very unprofessional, although so we're the anchors when they talked about her on LIVE television
The video is gone!!! I'll look it up haha
I think that is mainly Cara's demeanor all of the time. I've watched a few interviews with her and she is incredibly sarcastic and never incredibly excited. I also think that the anchors didn't keep it very professional. Even if they thought that Cara didn't seem into the interview, it's their job to not make it a big deal and they failed big time on that front. Also calling someone by the wrong name is a definitely no-no in the interviewing world and that probably made the interview start out on the wrong foot.