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Your best friend, Jackson, had called you nearly 10 times and sent you 5 text messages to come outside of your house and join him for some fun. His idea of fun was athletic things, which involved sweating. You rolled out of your comfortable position of watching a netflix marathon of your favorite show and slipped your shoes on. By the time you got to the bottom stair, Jackson was knocking on your door loudly. "I'm coming! Geez!" you groaned and opened the door, earning a look from Jackson with his major sass. "Took you long enough! We're going to practice your fencing skills, not go to a beauty pagent." he teased before giving you his normal friendly hug. You returned the hug and stepped out to lock your door. You always tagged along when Jackson had free time because he was your friend for years. You had been at every fencing match, cheering him on. The walk to the fencing studio was pretty short and quiet. He was normally a blabbermouth so you knew something was up. Now wouldn't be the time to ask because he was hiding it for a reason. He led you back to the practice room and pointed to the women's changing room. "Get ready. I'll be waiting." he jogged to the men's changing room to get on the equipment. It took you more time to find one to fit you than to put it on because of your short height. You finally got on the equipment and walked out with the helmet in hand. Jackson was all ready but the helmet and tossed you a fencing sword. His mood was very off and it worried you. He pulled the helmet on and stood in position, that being your que to do the same. You geared up and stood in front of him, trying to mirror his pose. He swung and you stepped back, this repeating back and forth until the sword hit your armored chest. He normally went easy on you with the games you played but today was different. Another swing and he had you pinned to the floor. You couldn't see his face because of the helmet so you took yours off slowly. Jackson removed his and stared into your eyes before standing up and throwing his helmet with a loud groan. Why was he angry? You stood up and went to touch his arm but he pulled away. "Did I do something wrong?" you tried to not sound as sad as you were feeling. You two were so close and you didn't want anything bad to happen to your friendship. After a brief silence that felt like eternity, he spoke. "Y/n, I haven't been completely honest with you. I can't hide it anymore. It's going to eat me alive." He took a deep breath then continued. "I don't want to be friends anymore." Your heart sank into your stomach and as you were about to speak, nothing came from your lips. Jackson turned to face you and sighed softly. "I don't want to be friends with you Y/n-" he started but you cut him off. "You just said that! No need to break my heart twice!" you screamed and turned to walk away. You had to go before he saw you cry. "You didn't let me finish." He grabbed your wrist and spun you back around gently. He took a deep breath and held both of your hands in his. "I don't want to be friends because I am in love with you. I always have been." His words made your head spin but you still didn't understand what he was saying. As you were about to speak, he pressed a finger against your lips. "You talk too much. I have one more thing to say. Be mine." he stepped in closer, removing his finger from your lips. You couldn't speak so you nodded your head repeatedly and smiled. He pressed his lips to yours for the first time and it felt like home.
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AAAAHHHHHHH JACKSOOOOON!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ awesome!
awe so cute
Yea that's bae
Waaaa what a good twist!