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You’ve seen the Disney classic movie right? You enjoyed the music, and connected with the lovable Simba. Maybe his friends Timon and Pumbaa. Well, you haven’t see The Lion King at it’s best-- on broadway. Hukuna Matata (no worries) right? I’m here to lead you through what you are missing out on, and maybe you’ll be inspired to go see this amazing show.
Here’s just a clip of the show on Broadway. Having seen the show twice (once on Broadway and then again in London) I really couldn’t get enough of the music. I listened to the harmonies of the giant choir for days, attempting to learn all the parts. When all put together, it sounds like a
This video shows the music, yes, but also just try to imagine what it’s like to be there in that moment. When the muscular men do some lovely shirtless dancing, the antelope run gracefully around the stage, and a giant choir of the best voice chant native African (Zulu) songs.
The best part of the show? I’m sad to say this was the death of Mufasa...Simba's father as he plummets to his death. His brother Scar sets up the plot by sending a giant stampede their way. Large animals running very fast is hard to depict on stage...but somehow they nail it. I won’t give away how they do it, but I was in tears at the end.
The star of the show for me? The creative crew. Whoever thought about doing a show full of animal characters was out of their mind (in the best way possible). Because this show truly depicts the ingenuity behind the scene. The costume design, set design, and production team must’ve worked very hard to put everything together. The hard work shows in the color, culture, and vibrance on the stage.
If you haven’t seen the Lion King, you are missing one of the most jaw-droppingly gorgeous shows to ever grace the broadway stage. Do yourself a favor and see this show.