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I'm Going On A Juice Diet So You Don't Have To

Alright Vingle, you're gonna hold me to it. I've been trying to make healthy changes in my life for quite sometime now, but have always fallen off the bandwagon that's filled with greens and light snacks, and headed back to the one with booze and carbs. I've been eating like a teenage boy on an all-carb diet and I've got to cut it out. This Thursday, 7/30 I'm going to go on a Juice diet. I'm only going to be consuming smoothies for the next 5 days. And we'll see where I end up. If it works, and I don't feel like dying, I'll give it the seal of approval and show you exactly how to get results. If I can't do it or something goes wrong...well you'll now about that too.
People all over the media rave about juice cleanses, and I've been feeling sluggish and bad about myself for a little while, and want to make a change. So for the remainder of this week I'm going to eat nothing but fresh smoothies from places like Juice Press, Organic Avenue, and even Jamba Juice. I'm not made of money here people. If things go well, I'll extend the diet and start to build in other healthy snacks. I'll review each of the drinks and let you know which ones give energy, taste great, or just make me feel bleh. I think the best way to start something is to just jump in and do it. I'll test it out and see where we end up. Should be an interesting experiment.
Have any of you tried juice or plant-based diets for extended periods of time!? I'd love some opinions and advice. @alywoah @skee292 And any other fitness gurus?
@alywoah yeah, I gotcha. I think I'm gonna try to do it for a while. It's good that it makes you feel better, I'm a little weary of going all the way because I don't want to get sick, but probably eating what I have been is the sickest I'll be lol. Good to know that you've had success!
And by plant-base, I mean like....when I had plant-based foods as my main food source. I've gone without meat for like a week and my anemia was not having and I almost fainted.
As much as I rave about cheeseburgers and junk food -- I will be honest with you: healthy food DOES make me feel so refreshed and alive. I can feel a sudden difference when I eat fresh vegetables and fruits. Have I tried this for extended amount of time? Ehhhhhhhhhh. I think life would be sad without cheeseburgers. I have done a plant-base diet, but with other things with it (like steak, coffee, and copious amount of wine). I am huge fan of food moderation -- because it works.