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There has been a lot of BS surrounding the Rap Monster death threats! I just want to express my support for him and my disdain for the attention whores that are ruining any chances of us having a concert near us!!
First Issue: TF you offended for?! half of these tricks aren't even black!! How is what he said in that interview relevant to your interest??
Second: What will you do if some crazed fangirl/boy decides to hunt you down for threatening their bias?! I know I'd be ready to go to war for all of my baes!!
Third: Why?! Just why?!
Finally: Stop the madness!! Let's just enjoy the world of kpop! if you can't deal with what's said in the interviews don't effin watch them! Its no secret most Koreans dislike non-Koreans! Its the same in Australia from what I hear!! Sit down, shut up, and Rings Linga to the War of Hormones biyatch!!! *drops mic* I'm out this MF!!