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The Districts are from Lititz, Pennsylvania, and they are really fucking good at making rock music, and you should come to know their music, because you will probably like it.
That's the headline of their website. They are not lying.
They were about to head off to college at Temple University when they took a step back and realized: hey, wait a minute. We're kind of good at this music-making thing.
So they didn't go to college, and we can all be very happy that they decided to forego their education to make us happy. Thanks, The Districts!
I've heard them compared to The Arctic Monkeys, but I don't really see it. I've heard them compared to early Strokes, but I don't really see that, either.

They rock way harder than either of those acts. See for yourself.

Here's "Hounds."

I know it's really good. That's why I told you to listen to it.

"Peaches," also linked above, may be ever better.
And that bit about them making honest music? It's really true.
Lititz, their hometown, is a classic suburb. And while when I saw them in St. Louis a few months ago they spoke fondly of their childhood in Lititz, their songwriting suggests that maybe they didn't love it so much.
"Suburban Smell," probably the best song on their recent record A Flourish and a Spoil, will give you a hint. And it's passionate stuff, as you can see from the Take Away Show above.
The Districts have fun playing music. They get really drunk, they kick over microphones, they ruin drum kits.... not that I have seen them do that, or anything.
Hang on, yes I have. I saw them do all of that. It was one of the more memorable shows I've been to - a sleepy corner of St. Louis hosted them in front of about 100-150 people max, and it was such a great time.
As far as "rock bands" go, The Districts are up there, for me. You can say that it's 'just rock music,' and you'd be kind of right; this is, to its bones, rock music. But it's better than most rock music. The songwriting is outstanding - I highlighted them today in the Lyric of the Day.
Go see The Districts if you can manage it. They recently released their Fall 2015 tour schedule, and I'm sad to see that St. Louis isn't on it. But you can see them for me! It won't be more than $20, I promise. Here's the list.

The more music we get from The Districts, the better.

more cards like this, I love finding new bands, have they played in NYC yet?
Thanks for the tag! I'm psyched to be introduced to these guys, they seriously rock.
glad you liked it @allischaaff @christianmordi. they'll be at the Music Hall of Williamsburg for two sets, Nov 4th and 5th