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THIS IS A LIVE BABY, BORN WITHOUT THE MOTHER'S "WATER" BEING BROKEN FIRST! God's Amazing creation ♥ * Please note hindi po ito aborted na bata. it so happen na nailabas po ng buo ng ina yung bata without breaking the sac It's a newborn, still in the sac. It's was an amazing opportunity to see something so rare. Like a glimpse of what it's like "on the inside". Hope you all appreciate it as much a s I do. I can't believe how squished up they are, inside of it! Amazing! Giving birth with the amniotic sac intact is called a "veiled birth." It is very rare but it is possible. It is less painful because the water cushions the baby's head, meaning less bruising for both of you. Don't worry about the baby drowning, he or she will not take a first breath until he/she hits the air for the first time, and the placenta will continue to provide oxygen until that happens. God is soooooo amazing!
@neaa Economic essays...eww. That sounds awful. I actually am very poor in Math, but strong in writing, but I hate essays too. Lol! Wow, I bet it's hard for you to have alone time.
@nylamrehs it's not really my first time away from home.. it's been 3 years or so since i came to hostel.. i had my training last 6 months which i did from my hometown ...so i got to stay at home.. in hostels.. you barely get time for yourself.. someone or the other is around.. talking or something.. so it's kinda less of lone time! @YinOfYang hehe!! essays are horrible.. plus being a science student for all my life.. i have to prepare economic essays for mba.. about which i'm clueless!! hehe
@neaa... aww.. you've been busy... so how is your life in the hostel... is that the first time you've been away from your family? and yes, we do love you don't ever doubt that.. be safe...^^ @charleen...lol
Awww. Group hug! ヽ(^▽^)人(^▽^)人(^▽^)ノヽ(^▽^)/ Of course we love you! I have to say, those essays do not sound fun at all to be preparing. (-_-) I feel bad for you. I love writing, but I hate writing essays, but you do what you have to do, right? Noooo, stop your gambling ways. Lol!
hehehe!! i love you guys.. yes i was busy filling applications.. though i scored a decent percentile.. now i have a truck load of GD.. PI.. and essays to prepare for college.. i won't say i am studing because most of the times i'm playing card with my roomies (i've become a gambler!!) but i miss you guys!! i wanna sleep so bad.. debarred... not because of books though.. when you're in hostel you can barely spare time for yourself.. love you guys so much and thanks for loving me!
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