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Top casting director of New York City Natalie Joos is no stranger to what works and what doesn't in fashion. The Belgium native herself has a street style that's somehow both streamlined and quirky with plenty of vintage and designer pieces mixed and matched. By layering in a way to still flatter her frame, and adding fun prints to solid pops of color, she always looks bright and cheery in every season.
Layer tops with dresses.
Whether it's wearing loose tees over dresses in the summer, or wearing a long sleeved top under a sleeveless dress in the cooler months, Joos loves layering up tops and dresses. This breathes new life into already-cute dresses, gives her look more dimension, and often makes the dress stand out more.
Socks and sandals.
One of Joos' most charming traits is wearing visible socks under sandals and high heels. Not only is this trick comfortable, but it's adorable and adds some whimsy to an already bright look.
Print mixing.
Joos is a major advocate of mixing prints from head to toe, wearing printed tops and skirts or pants that clash in the most aesthetically pleasing way. Sometimes she goes with pieces with similar color palettes, and sometimes she clashes colors as well, but it always works!
Flared pants.
Joos is not a fan of skinny jeans. In fact, she tends to avoid pants altogether for a minidress or skirt instead, but when she does wear pants, they have to be flared. This tendency contributes to the vintage vibe of her look, and sometimes she wears pairs that could be straight out of the 70's, and sometimes she makes them look clean and modern.
I don't know about you, but I'm so ready to get on her level.