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Today in the News:

1. The White House denied the petition to pardon Edward Snowden. It’s a bit of a censor-tive subject for them.
2. Jimmy Kimmel gets a little emotional discussing the slaughter of the beloved Cecil the Lion. - by @LauraFisher He a-POUCH-ed the situation well and ended on a positive note, asking his audience to donate and stop the hunting of animals.
3. Cara Delevinge has an awkward interview promoting her new film “Paper Towns.” - by @cullenquigley This actress was a little off-put by the anchors and her de-MEAN-er just kept getting worse and worse.
4. Hillary Clinton gets asked “What’s the most important thing in life?" by a kid at one of her campaigns. The awww-dience thought it was pretty adorable.
I started tagging the lovely Vinglers for their news-piration. Thanks for contributing to the news community! To read my Puns of the News follow my Punny News Collection.