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I think this is a beautiful quote, tho I don't think it is 100% possible.
Well there is a possibility that this change could be for good, right? I mean not a drastic one, but many smaller ones that might make you a better person. I don't think that it is necessarily bad to "lose" some of the bad sides of one's self. I would like to be romantic and tgink that love can change you and your life for the better. You might get heartbroken and it hurts a lot I know but maybe at the end of the day, become less vulnerable and realise some things and understand things a little more.
that's is why I came up with the best sentence and I am really proud of. "It is our closest people that define us" It can be a great thing, but a bad as well. @onesmile
@rodiziketan I think that there's so many people I knew in school and still know that need to learn this...when they're in a relationship they're 100000% in, which is great, but it gets to the point where they're changing, too because of it. and not being who you are or stupidly changing yourself because of a relationship inst' the way to go. you can define some parts of you based on your relationship but you need to exist for yourself, too.
ohh okay i see what you mean. when i think of losing yourself, i think of losing love and respect for yourself
It is, but not 100%, cuz of course you do change a bit, the problem is, some people change their whole personality, their hobbies, everything.
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