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Okay Vinglers!
I was having a conversation with @DulceZelaya and it dawned on me that you guys could help!
I want to know who your favorite K-Pop act is and why, what kind of music are they, what makes you love them. Music has the power to move people and that is always why I have loved it.
I love rock music, but I'm also a sucker for a well-written pop song. Do you guys have any artists that you can compare to people like Justin Timberlake or Michael Jackson? I like that kind of smooth, R and B pop music.
My favorite rock groups are Green Day and The Libertines.
Any artists you listen to that are similar?
I'm going to tag some of my friends on here that know and love K-Pop. Leave your suggestions and favorites below.
Check out Jung Joon Young (Rock) and FTIsland (Rock). Also, chexk out AOMG artists for rap. For POP check out F(x) Girl Group, BTS, Big Bang, Exo, 2PM, B1A4, this is inpossible..... OK-IMA Start Over- I got into Kpop with : •2PM-ADTOY •F(x)-Electric Shock •Exo-Wolf Once u try a kpop song on youtube,you will automatically get a lot of recommendations so just check those out. But for Rap strongly recommend Gray,Zion.T,Crush,and other AOMG artists. For Rock there is: •N.Flying (New Group) •CNBlue •FTIsland •Jung Joon Young Rock isnt very popular in the korean culture so its hard to recommend.
Some R&B artist/bands that i recommend are Zion T., Crush, and Gray, Taeyang, Bigbang, and 2NE1.
One does not simply just recommend one K-Pop song. This one is going to take me a while lol.
It makes me happy, and I get to see hot guys in action.
Just go in Pandora and type in kpop-U will discover so many groups like Beast, BigBang, Super Junior, and more BTW I forgot very amazing Hip Hop artists-Epik High. I always recommend no matter what. They are amazing, inspiring and lyrics are beautiful. They have some wnglish traxks too
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