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What would it be? Speak louder? Work on easier moves? More balance and back stretches? Really curious to see what new and veteran yogis like to see in an instructor
Hmmmmmm I do more pilates than yoga, but to be honest in the only two yoga classes I"ve taken I've fallen asleep at the end both times!!! I took a beginner class so I didn't have to worry too much, but I actually found that there was too much talking and not enough talking while doing if that makes sense
@alywoah If I could count the amount of times I've fallen XD I'll take it as "make it easier"
I personally felt stressed afterward. But because the entire time I was focused on not falling and not looking like an idiot
@alywoah By hard you mean really, really relaxing right? :D
I know as someone who tried yoga once -- I wish someone told me it was going to be really, really hard. ;__;