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Hi guys I know I haven't been posting in awhile or I haven't been replying or anything like that. I'm very sorry about that I am going through some very serious and bad stuff at home so it's just a big struggle. So I haven't been on Vingle at all. But now I'm back and I'm very very mad. Because of this....
(I got this picture from here, also this is a article about this incident Okay so please excuse me for my potty language but...... Who the fuck is so stupid and despicable to do this????? This is literally attention whoring. This person made this post probably knowing how terrible that will make boys feel. They already terribly tired and how bad this will make them feel! I can't even imagine what they going through right now! And not only that the tour in Mexico might get canceled in general really upsetting thousands of fans. Just because someone decided to play a sick joke. And for those people who are like me and worried sick that this might be a real gun. Don't worry because I searched it up this person took pictures from Trevon Martin case from this website This article was made in 2013 so as you see that person is just a very butt holish troll.


What I was thinking of that all of A.R.M.Y's should make a short video of them saying that they support BTS or just show their love for them. And someone (*I volunteer*) combine that video and post it somewhere and tag all of the people who created that video. And then everyone everyone shares it until it reaches BTS. Because social media is a very powerful thing. Instead of using it like that person to bring boys down we should use it in a good way to show boys our love and support! If you for this idea please contact me!!! So we can make this happen together !!! GO A.R.M.Y!!!! Please email me your artwork or your vid or literally anything that will show your love for BTS at I will edit all of the vids and no worries I will put your name and profile so your work won't be stolen!!!
I wanna do a vid for them to show how much we appreciate them just hope it reaches them
It's really sad/scary!! Cause all those fans might not even get to see them cause of this person who is threading RM, for reals or even a joke! I feel bad for those fan who really want to see them, and it's even sad for international fans who don't really get to see them,but because of that persons actions, they might not even do the show or ever go back!!!
@SashaLove @IzzyPerkins yes yes yes yes please do so please please check out my page I made a new card that tell my email and stuff please share it (not for my attention if some ppl might think like that-_-) but for it to go around so ppl will see it and share it too so more ppl can joins us on this we need to UNITE AND BE BIG AND STRONG A.R.MY. ASSIMILATE
literally this is getting so old, people need to stop being such jerks about it. Yes he made a colorist statement but im sure he did not say it to be hurtful. this is ridiculous i hope our boys stay safe while they are there.
@PaigeBennish yes yes yes thank you I made a new card where I talked more about the vids but if you will make one please send it to my email as I said in a card I will put everyone's names and profiles so your work won't be lost πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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